A short introduction
My ambition leads me to new places I have yet to discover. Life is all about gaining new experiences and it allows me to understand the world around me. Traveling enables me to interact, to see and to learn about new cultures and experiences, it makes me look at things differently. I believe those are vital for progress and creativity. Having new experiences also make me feel alive, trying new food or taking up new activities. These activities give me a feeling of joy and being alive.

Experiencing freedom
Well I have an absolute thrive for being weightless, I’ve been swimming on a competitive level since I was 5 years old. I just love to jump in the water and become weightless, floating around. Maybe that led me into taking the next big step, deciding to set foot into the world of extreme sports and to become a skydiver. My training started and after 7 successful jumps I received my AFF license. Flying my body through the air while using my arms and legs is an incredible experience.

My view on the world today
To keep asking ‘why’ is a very important guide in my life. If you haven’t watched Simon Sinek talk on TEDx about start with why then please do, it might inspire you! During my studies I have been traveling through the world and studied in South Korea and Mexico. This helped me in understanding myself, my goals and made me realize how lucky I am.

So what is my dream?
I traveled to the United States and asked a lot of people the question ‘what is your dream?‘ and I’d like to tell mine: to be active, adventurous but mostly to experience new sensations and emotions which will give me a feeling of being alive. Yeah this is quite broad, but it is my base layer. My internship at Eyeforce (a video-production company) made me realize my dream’s are not that far away. I can use my multimedia skills to influence the (skydiving) sport and be a part of an active and adventurous community.

A short overview of who I’m