Ica, Peru

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Sandboarding in IcaOur second destination in Peru was the city of Ica which is located 4 hours away with an direct bus from Lima. The city is most famous for it’s oasis, where it’s possible to go sand boarding. Sand boarding is like snowboarding but without all the warm layers of clothing.

We arrived in the evening at the main bus terminal of Ica, you know the terminal where all the tourists arrive. People screaming the word ‘taxi?!’ and people trying to sell you whatever they have. We retrieved our backpack and set out to find our hostal. It was already dark outside and we decided to ask an old lady inside the terminal where we were in the city. I only knew the name of the street, where our hostal was located but not the actually name of our hostal, yes we should have prepared ourself for this.The lady pulled out a map and started to draw our route to this street, our journey has begun. Luckily the city of Ica is small so we had a little trouble finding our first hostel (in Lima we decided to go Couchsurfing).

The following morning we decided to take a stroll through the city. It’s a small town with a lot of tourism as it’s famous for its oasis where people can enjoy the dunes to go sand boarding. We took a trip in the afternoon for 35 soles (10 euro) which gave us an crazy ride, not to mention the way the driver drove up and down the dunes. You can compare it to an rollercoaster ride in Six flags. Once a while we stopped for a viewpoint, overlooking the city of Ica and later the endless sight of dunes. From the last viewing point we ¬†received our boards and it was time for some action of our own. We had two options, stand or lay down, we didn’t hesitated and decided to go flat, like everyone else of our group. Even some Canadian girls, who we met

in our hostal and joined the tour with us decided to go on their belly (they even know how to snowboard, so my ego wasn’t hurt in that sense haha). The driver picked us up after everyone came down on their board, up to the next dune. Each dune would be higher and higher to build our confidence and fun, until we saw the last one… This one was huge! During my descend I went so fast that i lost my hat (which was very good secured) and even my phone fell out my pocket because of the bumbs, lucky for me i found it again!

It started to get dark so it was time for us to return to the oasis and onward to our hostal

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