I’ve always wanted to take the famous Trans-Siberian express, and experience Russia, Mongolia and China. I started to enjoy the train ever since I used Interrail to travel through Europe. The comfort of walking around, having a restaurant, bathroom and a lot of people on the train makes it a great transportation between destinations. The idea of starting this journey began with a joke, we knew we had to be in South Korea for our study abroad by the end of february. Our semester in the Netherlands would end in january, which gave us two options, either enjoy ourselves at home, prepare for our

semester abroad or we could start a unique journey across Russia, Mongolia and China in the coldest month of the year. We didn’t need to do serious thinking as this was a unique opportunity for all of us.

During our trip we used the platform couchsurfing.com to experience the Russian culture at close hand. The best way to learn about a new culture is by visiting and interacting with local people. Strangers were no longer strangers but became friends, they took us in their home, provides us with a roof and gave me one of the best experiences i had in

my life. Undertaking this journey in the coldest month of the year wasn’t always fun, it made a harsh environment for us with temperatures dropping below -30 degrees celsius. Although it did provided us with little to no tourist along our journey and a warm welcome in every city.

We decided to make an adventure of a lifetime, and the experience was beyond my expectations!